This is a prototype for an engagement or anniversary ring. A birthstone- or more than one!- could be included to make it a Mother's or birthstone ring as well.

Here, a small gem is flush-set into the twist of the band. The size of the stone is limited by the width of the twist; a 2mm stone is probably the largest that can be set this way. An advantage to this is that it can keep the cost affordable while still using a gem of superb quality.

This is the ring used as an engagement ring in the season finale of the TV show "Numb3rs," and I'm just thrilled about that!

For this band I started with heavy rod and forged it flat. I left it fairly heavy, though, since I need some mass on the top of the twist to hold the stone. The cross section is rectangular with rounded ends, which looks more graceful and wears better than a hard-edged shape. The final polish is a very high-shine finish, with a matte section surrounding the stone to set off its sparkle.

Hardened Argentium sterling silver, cubic zirconium. Size 9.5.


For Sale: $245US, as is. Please email me for details. This is the basic cost for an Argentium sterling silver ring with a gemstone; the cost of the chosen gemstone itself is additional. I can make this in a variety of other metals and/or using other stones; please contact me for details. If you choose a gemstone, I hand-pick the stone especially for you from the ones offered, and based on your priorities.

I would be happy to make such a ring for you, using your choice of stones and metal.

Please see a gold version that I have made to replace a wedding band that wore out.