Annular Brooch with Birthstones

This is a pun, basically.

"Annular" brooches are an ancient style of pins, used both for decoration and for holding pieces of clothing together. The name, though, made me think of "annual", and so birthstones- so I decided to make a traditional style annular brooch, but set with a faceted (and so totally anachronistic) birthstone for each month.

The year starts, here, with the stone to the immediate right of the top of the pin.

Technically, my goal was to experiment with setting 2mm stones into a reasonably stiff, 1mm metal. The culettes- the pointy ends- do stick out a bit on the back, but for a pin that is not so much of a problem. (It would hurt if it happened in a ring!)

I very much like the way the distressed bronze has naturaly patinated; I think it sets off the stones beautifually.

1.25 x 1.25 inches (32 x 32 mm).

Bronze, steel pin, imitation birthstones.

2009. NFS.